Equine Therapy for Adults

Alina Kastner - Horse counselling for adults

This ride could change your life.

When we ride, we borrow freedom. We collect, care for and saddle the horse and go (if desired) on a relaxed ride together, depending on your preferences and riding abilities.
No riding is necessary and the intensity can be increased with time as desired. Riding together, mostly through nature, creates an incredibly inviting atmosphere to open up and talk about what complicates the heart.
These sessions allow us to develop more compassion for the animals and at the same time more compassion for ourselves.

If you prefer to speak in harmony with nature rather than in a room in the city, this is for you.

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Alina Kastner BA MSC

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Dr. Alina Kastner, MSc

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Hungerbergstrasse 1a/Top2

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Tel: +43 (0)699 / 811 31 356

Email: office@alinakastner.com