Equine Therapy for Children

Alina Kastner - Horse counselling for children

Before you ever loved a horse, part of your soul was sleeping.

Every connection is based on mutual trust. Spending time with horses doing activities such as grooming, feeding or simply dealing with a horse creates awareness of these sensitive creatures, while at the same time teaching respect and responsibility.
The focus moves from “I” to a very sensitive “you” and “we”. This allows children to experience a different emotional momentum while releasing stress and worries (divorce, problems at school, death of a loved one).
Everyday life in the stable allows anxious children to become more confident, and “excited” children to become calmer. The playful assumption of responsibility for another living being makes children stronger and fills them with joy and serenity. The stable is also a safe place to make mistakes.
Your child’s horse does not react critically or angrily to mistakes, as people sometimes do. Instead, it patiently waits for a hug, some affection, something to learn or simply a carrot. After children have spent time with horses, they usually come home emotionally refreshed even after a long day.

This is particularly suitable for children with learning difficulties, depression, ADD/ADHD and all those who are exposed to high stress at home or at school.

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