Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

Alina Kastner - Individual counselling

Individual Therapy

This type of intervention is particularly suitable for those who feel they do not have enough self-confidence in a current life situation to handle it alone.
Whether it be a relationship problem, difficulty making a decision or getting used to living in a new city – any of these topics can be addressed and gently solved.
If you suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, anger, burnout, drug abuse or other psychological problems that you wish to address this type of session is also for you.

These sessions are designed to identify what is holding you back without devaluing yourself and to raise awareness of your options and strengths – to promote them and to unfold the full potential of your personal happiness.

Couples Therapy

Problems are not stop signs, but guidelines. Focus on what holds you together.

Do you have problems in your relationship? Has your sex life reached a low point? Do you no longer trust each other? Is there a particular issue you can never stop arguing about?
Every couple experiences relationship crises: Couple counselling helps to overcome these obstacles and find a better way of communicating. Whether it is about strengthening the common bond or helping with a separation, couple cou
nselling concentrates on what you want to do.

Family Therapy

Do you sometimes feel that you cannot be honest in your own family? Like you are not heard or seen for who you really are? Does your family encounter the same issues and dynamics over and over again? Does fixing these issues seem like an impossibility and you are desperate for a change?

Family therapy in a multi-person setting enables an open, mediated discussion of current issues and focuses on finding solutions.

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